Pityriasis Rosea Contagious

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Is Pityriasis rosea contagious ?

        Pityriasis rosea is not contagious.
The causes of Pityriasis rosea are still unknown. People become immune of it in time - just like after many other viral diseases. However, there is no type of infection known in the literature, there is little evidence of epidemics.

Pityriasis rosea Prevention

        A Prevention is not possible as long as the pathogen is unknown. An early diagnosis is not possible, the disease occurs spontaneously. Pityriasis rosea is benign, frequent, affecting mostly young adults and seem more frequent in spring and early fall.

        The disease progresses in two stages:
1. A medallion original single plate oval, 2 to 5 cm in diameter, pink, scaly, center clearer than the periphery, sitting on the trunk or the root of the members, not itchy.

2. A disseminated eruption, which began 5 to 15 days after reaching the trunk, neck, arms and legs, rarely more distal regions. It is not itchy by rule. It has two types of elements:
    2a. small medallions (1 to 3 cm), center folded, scaling in the suburbs,
    2b. numerous erythematous macules.

Pityriasis Rosea Contagious Pityriasis Rosea Contagious Pityriasis Rosea Contagious Pityriasis Rosea Contagious

        There is no extra-cutaneous signs, everything disappears without recurrence in 1 or 2 months. Recurrences are very rare.