Pityriasis Rosea And Stress

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Pityriasis rosea and stress

       The relation between pityriasis rosea and stress is a rather obvious one as far as symptoms go. More precisely, the intensity and the number of lesions that appear on the body of the patient will increase if the connection between pityriasis rosea and stress becomes more pronounced. Usually, this is a vicious circle: the pityriasis rosea pathogen agent needs a weakened immune system to be able to cause the disease. Stress causes the body to drop its immune response allowing any sort of virus to attack it.

        Also, disease will lead to stress being exerted on the body. The circle of stress and disease never ends unless one factor is eliminated from the equation.

       When talking about pityriasis rosea and stress, it becomes obvious that the illness is not the one that can be taken out of the equation at will. Therefore, the attending physician recommends that the patient take a leave from work or from school and try and relax as much as possible. It has been proven that a stress - free environment will ensure that the pustules disappear much quicker then normal. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Even if the patient does take some vacation time, the disease itself is pretty annoying. Keep in mind that the skin lesions itch and burn, which do not make for a happy person.