Baseboard Electric Heating

Posted by 47y4uhh on July 14, 2014
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Baseboard electric heaters are heaters that are usually installed under windows to keep the home warm. They are pretty straightforward in the way they work. A heating element which is encased in a metal pipe heats up when the heater is turned on. As the element continues to heat up, it sucks in the cold air from around it and pushes the warm air out into the room. Baseboard heaters consume quite a chunk of your electricity bill, usually about 40%. The good thing about them is that although you don’t get to heat the whole house, you can heat only the rooms that you want and save up on power costs.

The fact that baseboard heaters come with thermostats is also a great way to reduce on your power bill. As much s possible, it is recommended that you turn the heat down low when you are at home and when you leave, you turn the heater off. Research has shown that turning the heat down from 21 degrees to 16 degrees saves about 10% on your electricity bill. You may be tempted to get up the house when you are gone so that when you come back it is warm. If you do this, you should be prepared for a big utility bill.

Baseboard heaters with programmable thermostats may be a bit more expensive than those that you have to program manually but by investing a few dollars more for this kind of electric heater will save you a lot of money in the future. Many homeowners admit that they often to adjust heat settings when they leave the house or when they go to sleep. A heater running at high temperatures all night is quite expensive in the long run. Programmable thermostats allow you to set the time when you want to adjust the heat and you don’t have to set them every day; the settings that you input are stored so each day, the heater adjusts itself automatically.

Another common misconception that people who own baseboard heaters have is that when they are very cold, they can crank up the heat to high so that they can get warm faster. It is easy to understand why; when you step in from the freezing cold you want to get warm as quickly as possible. The only temperature that will rise is that of your electricity bill. Your body’s temperature rises at a steady pace so you will no0t get warm faster if the heat is higher. Your baseboard electric heater should also be clear of all obstruction; if there are things in it, it will work harder to keep the required temperature. It should be installed a little off the floor so that the warm air can find its way into the room.

If you are really keen on saving on heating costs, you can install baseboard heaters into the more commonly used areas of your home such as the bedrooms and the living room and then heat the other parts of the home with portable electric or battery heaters. Portable battery heaters are a good idea because they will work even when there is no electric power. They are also good because they don’t use electricity at all; instead, they use batteries which are much cheaper.

Lastly, your baseboard electric heaters work best when they are clean. When they are coated with dust, efficiency is reduced because they have to work for longer and the heat has to be higher for them to heat the room to the required temperature. You should clean out your heaters right before you turn them on for the first time in the fall. Use a vacuum cleaner to get them as clean as possible.